Mobile Security Camera Access

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January 6, 2015
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Mobile Security Camera Access


Mobile Security Camera Access

When looking at modern security and video surveillance systems, one draw has become even more powerful than HD picture quality that has become the norm. That draw is the ability to stream your live video feed on your mobile devices. This added freedom of being able to access your security system at your business regardless of where you are offers a peace of mind, and a level of attachment to your business that only a few years ago could only be dreamed of.

Security Camera Hardware

The majority of modern security camera systems have two main parts:

  • The video management system, or VMS, that controls the multi camera system, records, and serves in general as the brain of the system. The software you use in this system can provide a wide arrangement of options, but among those the ability to access your security network remotely is among the most widely desired added benefit.
  • The cameras themselves which have different features based on the model and need of the business. These can be anything from full 360 degree cameras surveying an entire area with sound, or a simple set of devices responsible for monitoring a few specific points of interest.

Using Security app

Security Software

The mobile application that comes with these systems can be set up for multiple users which adds another layer of safety by having multiple ways to access your feed. This can allow for the management of your business to check in on the location even if they’re away or dedicated security personnel to have a constant view of the entire premises. This can allow you to monitor both the security of your business as well as the regular goings on of your day to day operations. The added level of closeness with your business even while away can lend to much higher productivity level and ease of communication with the home office.

Your mobile devices can be used to, depending on your existing security system, monitor live video from either the DVR, NVR, or even directly from an IP camera. It is important, however, to take into consideration the network speed in order to truly take advantage of these features. With a low network upload speed, it may reduce the resolution or frame rate. To increase your upload speed, you may require new wiring, a more direct connection, or even a wireless network upgrade in order to get a usable connection. A usable connection should provide a fully compressed 15 frames per second video which should suffice for most situations. This level of video provides adequate information to identify potential security issues, theft, or even the simple goings on of your business’s day to day operations. It cannot be understated just how important a clear picture of your business can be, and without the proper connection no matter your hardware it may not be streamable without an upgrade.


Once you have your system up to date it is time to look into software. There are many mobile apps that can allow you to access your security camera system remotely. They range from software such as HikVision VMS-4500 and GeoCision’s GV-Eye mobile security applications which can have live video feed within seconds to mobile exclusive apps such as VDHR, iCamViewer, Security Cam (which features a sync with Dropbox and Youtube), XProtect Mobile, SmartVue S9, VMobile, and countless others. With so many options, it is important to work with a security professional to see what kind of software would work best with your particular situation. It is important to know if your cameras are capable of remote PTZ, or Pan Tilt Zoom, control. This is one of the primary benefits of remote access, due to the ability to rotate the camera and zoom in on areas that may not normally be able to. This tool, while simple in concept, provides one of the most beneficial features of modern security cameras.

Security Camera Placement

One aspect that is critically important regardless of your choice of hardware and software is security system positioning. It is of the utmost importance that your security cameras are located in key areas around your business in order to get the maximum coverage, with special focus placed on key areas of business, such as entrances and exits and other high traffic areas. In addition, depending on your business, it may even be acceptable to install cameras at eye level to further reduce potential losses and improve the accuracy of the picture on all those that enter the store. There is a clear difference on the quality of a birds eye view of your business and a more up close and personal view from eye level.

The choices to make regarding these decisions can be an incredibly complex, and as such it is most likely in your company’s best interest to contact a security expert in order to best protect your business. Whether you need recommendations on security cameras, or software apps, the experts here at LOOPAVS are both qualified and ready to assist in figuring out the perfect security solution for your business! Give us a call today at 504-533-0005 to find out more!